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Day 7

Depression 0/10
Anxiety 7/10
O.C.D 7/10
Cravings 5/10
Motivation 8/10

Have had a really stressful day today. Running around after 4 children in this scorching heat has been very trying. My anxiety levels are high but I have’nt thought of drinking. I havent even thought of smoking.. but there is something else that has crossed my mind. I’m not ready to write about it though.

It’s got me thinking about my past and how addiction runs more deep within me than i admit and probably even realize. I have had a pattern with substance abuse from my teens up until now (34). Is addiction genetic or is it purely bad habit thats been developed over time?

I don’t know. But either way i’m still sober and thats what really matters.


One response to “Day 7

  1. I think with addiction we are covering something deeper that we were afraid to face when we started but forget it was there after a while, I have this issue with smoking. You doing great, keep it up!

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